Breeds of Sheep

Our drawings come from photos we found searching the sheep breed in web browsers, but I must admit some sheep pictures were picked just because they were ‘cool’ looking. We started at then continued to other website links. As the year progresses we hope to add interesting facts about each breed.

This has been a learning process for myself, Ms. Sharon and the students. Researching key search words, reading information on websites and learning actual web addresses (narrowed down to the page), not just the ‘blanket site’, resulted in a major learning curve. Art class isn’t just drawing and painting. And I’ve also learned that iPads are a bit harder to read and teach where the exact addresses exists.

If you have questions, comments, additions or corrections about what we are trying to create, please contact me at sharon.gunter(at)

Black Hawaiian – Mr. Price’s 3rd&4th Grades

Blue Texel – ELP 1-3 Grades

Cheviot – Mrs. Ball’s 2nd Grade

Dartmoor – Mrs. Hurst’s PM Kindergarten

Dorset – Mrs. Brownell’s 1st Grade

Drysdale – Mrs. Gau’s All Day Kindergarten

Icelandic – Ms. Tibbs’ 5th Grade

Jacob – Mrs. Green’s 5th Grade

Lincoln – Ms. Weiden’s 4th grade

Merino – Mrs. Russell’s 6th Grade, ELP 4-6 Grades, Life Skills K-6, Mrs. Bruhjell’s 4th Grade, Mrs. Jordan’s 1st Grade, Ms. Davis’ 2nd Grade, Mrs. Lorden’s Class

Navajo Churro – Mrs. Olin’s 6th Grade

Painted Desert – Mr. Warren’s 2nd Grade

Racka – Mrs. Charvoz’s 3rd Grade

Walliser-Landschaf – Ms. Hamelmann’s 3rd Grade

Wensleydale – Mrs. Hurst’s AM Kindergarten

Zwartbles – Mrs. Nitcy’s 1st Grade

More sheep facts:

  • Sheep live to 10-12 years old, but one sheep lived to be 23 years old when it died. It was Merino. [2]
  • People raise sheep for their hides, using them for rugs, covering chairs and couches. [1]