If all goes well, this blog is about the lessons, mostly images of lessons I teach throughout the community and mostly elementary students. Where ever I’m teaching it is the Art Room. I do love to share the results of ideas given, and how the students interrupt my directions (young and old). My job stems from loving to teach, sharing ideas, and ‘what if’  I had an art teacher in elementary school? Links page/side bar are shared with lessons and also just for fun – there are many more, so share.
– Enjoy the postings, pages, links and creative kiddos and adult kiddos.

Sharon Gunter

Below are postings on the last school website(s) and a several other school related sites I had to move from – changes! This current site you’ve reached is created by me separately. I hope to have more control when I choose to make changes. 😉

Farmin Stidwell – the beginning . . .

Farmin Stidwell Elementary
started a school wide art program September 1993.  This was a site-based-decision and I’m sure glad to be here! Thank you Marlene Rorke, Janel Keating, Judy Hull and Pat Ekwortzell for their vision.

My home school is Farmin Stidwell, but through the years and flux with zoning and school sizes I’ve work many years (16+) one day a week at Kootenai Elementary.

Sharon’s Art Room site will have links to recommend art sites, projects created by Farmin Stidwell and Kootenai Elementary students, classes in the community and myself.  I love mixing art with technology, so you’ll see some lessons using the computer as an art medium.

If you know of a site that’s kid friendly – please email me the site to check out and post.

Plus, what a fun way to share what we do with others.
Ms. Sharon – Instructor

A bit more history . . .

Kids! and what they say . . .

Weaving Bookmarks
While preparing a few 4th grade students to started weaving on the Two Harness Looms (supplied by the Sandpoint Fiberarts Guild) the three boys weaving on the looms behind me were so excited!  “This is so frickin’ fun!” Now do you correct them? or just let the lingo slide and let them continue to enjoy the weaving?  As they settled into the project not many words were spoken until they had to tie knots at the ends to keep the weaving in place – grumble, grumble, grumble – not necessarily the ‘fun’ part.  Yes, a thank you and huge smiles were given as they walked away with the finished bookmarks.

First grade one year painted a very large vase of flower, a co-op piece to auction, and I had them paint a smaller version for themselves. I was walking around the room and bright blue eyed William looked up at me from his nearly done art work, so excited, “I can’t wait to show my mom!”

“This is the best homework in history!”  10 yr old commenting on the HomeWorkJournals we started this week.

End of the year – passing back art. . .
As a student was looking through the year of art just passed out to him, he said “This reminds me of old memories”.  He’s 9 years old.

Art Room May Silent Auction

Check out the fiberarts that where made – placemats, scraves and hats.

woven by Ms. Sharon Gunter and a few students.

donated by Annie VanCorbach – Thank you Annie.

woven by Ms. Sharon Gunter

woven by Ms. Sharon Gunter

Art Room / May Silent Auction
Place bids on any of these student made Fibonacci based, painted paper math quilts . . .

‘Golden Rectangle’ – Mrs. Filipowski’s 5th gr.

‘Fibonacci x4’ – Mrs. Ekwortzell’s 5th gr.

The following are ‘Spiraling Squares’ – Miss Tibbs’ 5th gr.

May 18 -20 5pm to 8pm come glaze a piece of pottery for a donation price.  They will be fired and you can pick them up sometime after June 3rd.

Bisque to choose from - glaze and pick up after June 3rd

Glazing Bowls of all sizes – Feed the Arts – Part 2

The Art Room   May 18 – 20, 5pm-8pm
Creatively glaze bowls for yourself and your friends. This could be a fun family event. For a donation price, choose between different size bisque – ready to glaze – bowls. Glaze your one-of-a-kind cereal, ice cream, soup or serving bowl – making it your own. Pick up fired pieces anytime after June 3. Prices of bowls vary from $6-$12.  There will be other bisque ware from demo pieces I’ve made through out the years that you may also choose to glaze.
Depending on your technique of glazing/painting, allow 30 minutes to 1 ½ hours for each piece.  And yes, you can ‘kind of’ glaze a couple at a time. Note:  You might want to reserve a time and space. Supplies are limited and space is too. Drop-ins are welcome (provided there is enough space and supplies). Please no eating while glazing.
Fundraising for The Art Room helps supply worn out supplies and replenish consumable materials (clay and glazes especially with 600+ students, and basics –, glue, yarns including paper, tape, brushes, etc.).  Donations are always welcome!