Co-op Art

Fiber Arts 2016 – 2017

2016-17 Mini Weft Project – Mrs. Jordan’s 1st Gr  &  Ms. Davis’ 2nd Gr

One line (kind of) Classroom one line drawings.


Some of the cooperative art posted here were fundraiser pieces and some have been kept for display.

The Weft Project:

The process:
From the idea of Terry Helwig’s ‘The Thread Project’, my own sketch,  trying to get people to understand the idea, the warp, measuring and warping the looms, weaving, taking the three pieces off the loom, tying the fringe, hanging the finished piece.
Check out the images.

Stories: These pages are printed from a former website and now in a PDF. I do have the original hand written pieces of paper taped into a journal. Enjoy the read . . .
The Weft Project Stories

Living for the Greater Common Good

Notice! – I’m having students help weave a strip of cloth that will be joined to make a Mobius Loop/Strip that represents the colors of flags around the world. What would make this special is finding some family history and from where families migrated. Brainstorming with the students we find out that most families are such a mix of other countries and cultures that this brings fun conversations. I have a couple sites that might interest your family – “Flags by Colours” and “All Star Flags” (a commercial site, but the info is fun)

Ultimately this weaving will be displayed in an art exhibit at the SHS December 7 – 14.  The title of the art exhibit is “Living for the Greater Common Good”.  We’ve again brainstormed words that help us understand the title of the art exhibit.  I also have plans of co-op art to be displayed.  Please try to make time to enjoy district wide student art at the exhiblit.

Wet and Needle Felting

Farmin Stidwell Elementary – a fun design created with 6th graders that year. Have to say, time in my schedule, smaller class size and students that like to participate, make big projects a pleasure to create.