Math Art 2020

Interchangeable lessons depending what suits your interest.
Listed from Kindergarten to Sixth Grade.

color wheel w/magazine


Kandinsky, Square with Concentric Circles
Kandinsky, Square with Concentric Circles

magazine color wheel

Hexagon Color Wheel

magazine color wheel

Stomachion Puzzle


Archimedes Ostomachion Puzzle

Fractal Tree

color wheel w/magazine

Triangle Party

magazine color wheel

Infinite Circles

magazine color wheel

Stars – Multi Pointed

magazine color wheel

Fibonacci Sequence, Spirals

Fibonacci Number sequence . . .in nature, design,
What is the radius, diameter and circumference of a circle?

magazine color wheel


Sunflower Challenge

Print the pdf and count how many spirals in each direction.





Print and color Hexagon pages – Hexagon Grids

tumbling block coloring pages



Print and color Tumbling Block pages – Tumbling Block Grid

How Many Triangles?

Print and try your skills at counting how many
triangles you can find in a variety of shapes . . .

triangle.trianglesTriangles – How many triangles?


hexagon.triangles.hexagonsHexagon – How many triangles?  And how many hexagons?


hexagon.trianglesHexagon – How many triangles?


square.trianglesSquare – How many triangles? And how many squares?


rectangle.trianglesRectangle – How many triangles? And how many rectangles?


9 point star - triangles9 Point Star – How many triangles?


kite - how many trianglesKite – How many triangles?