WK 4 – Last quick bit of information . . .

. . . for drawing in your journal.

Glue the ‘bit of information’ folded page to the inside of the back cover. (it’s the same info below)

bit of information
Glue to the inside of the back cover

Finish numbering your journal for October days. It’s only one drawing a day for the month of October, 31 days. Don’t worry if you drew a picture on another paper, cut it out and glue it into this book (especially if you wanted to use mediums other than pencils). Catch up if you miss a day or two. Show me your favorite drawings. Also you can take a photo and email it to me, sharon.gunter@lposd.org (make sure you give a title to your art)

This is for fun. The more you draw, the better and more comfortable you become with your style. Practice will make you better! 

I also like to pick a theme. One year I chose my salt and pepper shakers. A different set every day. This made it easy for me because I didn’t have to figure out what to draw. It was a fun challenge for myself. Other theme ideas : toys, sports, music, food, etc.

There are a lot of you that want to use color – use only pencil and colored pencils in this journal (this is only copy paper). Pens or markers could bleed through to the other page and change your pervious drawing(s) or make your new page unusable. As mentioned above, use another paper and glue the cut out drawing in your journal.

Just have fun drawing!


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