All ages: 3 weeks, 21 drawings, one drawing a day/KT

Starting and Ending Dates:
WK A – Oct 2 – 22
WK B – Oct 9 – 29
WK C – Oct 16 – Nov 5

Join us in a challenge . . . be honest with yourself, discipline your self, to set up 5 – 30 minutes a day to draw. I’m making the challenge with pencil only, because most of the journals only have copy paper and you know that other mediums will bleed through thin paper. I will love to post favorites and add to this post. Take the challenge!

Buddy-up or Team-up with friends or family to help you remember to draw each day!!!

(psst! – if you mess up and forget a day or two . . .make it up and keep drawing.
The idea is to draw everyday.
You’ll let me know at the end of the challenge how you honestly did, right?)

Student challenge art: