Snowflake or Snow Crystal pattern ideas for the Winter concert this December 2022. Don’t know exactly how they will be hung in the gym as added decorations to the concert

For younger hands or people that don’t want to cut through 12 layers of paper, stop the video at 2:24. Draw a half circle at the center bottom of the folded paper. Draw a basic design in the center. You can connect to the side folds or not. Cut away the negative space and then . . .gently unfold.

This is a link to a snowflake creator and it’s wonderful. Watch the first 2:25 minutes to get the paper fold for a six arm snowflake.

This information was so awesome to find. I shared the information with a sixth grade class without trying it out first -we were all guinea pigs- and it worked!!!

Continue watching if you feel like you have the confidence to create a more detailed designs.

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