All new to us and learning to work together, Mrs. Currie (Laurel), Penny Goodman, and me, Ms Sharon. Learning to garden in beds, sowing, tilling, planting, feeding, harvesting and sharing the harvest. Volunteer. Students, teachers, classrooms, science, art in the garden. Draw what we see.

I’m approaching this garden with the joy of plants, sharing in this garden with other knowledgeable gardeners and adding art to the garden. I’d list my ideas, but what if I can’t get to them all? So here’s weekly posts of our efforts of learning to garden together, figuring out how to get as many students involved (and teachers/adults), plus adding some art in the garden and of course drawing in the garden. Summer hours of gathering, Tuesdays 8:30 – 9:30 and now Wednesdays 1:45 – 2:30 until the beds are cleaned up for winter.

October 13 – A bit of entertainment before we started clearing the beds.

October 13 – Well – clean up time. Those sunflowers were a lot harder to pull out than expected. Found a few stray onions. Covered the pumpkins hoping they turn a bit more yellow to orange. Harvested the green tomatoes and have them ripening in my classroom. Penny also shared pickled watermelon rinds left from last week.

October 6 – Harvesting all that we can . . .frost in the forecast. Oh My! the watermelon was sooooooo yummy.

September 29 – not too many helpers, but what cuties! Holding out for the watermelon. We’re hoping that it will be tasty.

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