2022 FAST Garden Club

New year, new dreams of garden scapes,
and more big pots to plant more!

May 18 – Well weather like rain, colder, and chance of strong winds,
we had garden club in the Art Room.
Little origami booklets were made and we started a seed book.

April 27 – Holy Cow! 20 kiddos showed up to help out and with the 3 adults helping, thank heavens!!! it was bit more manageable. Phew! We really smoothed out a bed, broke down dirt clods and smoothed and found those lost worms again, and smoothed so we could plant a row of rainbow carrots and rainbow chard. Several kiddos strung string onto markers and we used them to mark these two rows. Fencing that had been available since last year had no job, so we pounded in stakes, which took a long time and a lot of muscle, and created an archway. Love those zip ties. One of our Title 1 teachers, Mary, had a stack of books to share with our gardeners, “Gary’s Garden”, Gary Northfield. That was a long productive hour after school. Thank you Amie and Brittany for helping with the photos.

During Ms. Currie’s art class time we decided what herb seeds to plant in the AeroGarden. We’ll transfer these to the garden.