Painting your pottery

I’ll give you a few ideas on painting Bisque-ware —clay that has been fired once and is still porous.

  • Acrylic paint works really nicely. Paint the colors you like and add patterns or details that will add your design of your PPT – Pinch Pot Trio. Then cover with a clear varnish. Yes, you can paint it all one color and varnish or leave it white and varnish. Your choice. 😉 
  • You can also water color the piece, which has a look that reminds me of the glazes we use. Again seal it with varnish. 
  • Basically a varnish will make it more usable, meaning not so rough. It’s very porous so don’t use it for wet food. You know me – fill the pots with chocolate and enjoy. (with a cup of coffee!)

This Pinch Pot Duo was painted with Crayola watercolor paints and coated with two layers of acrylic varnish.

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