Your Recreated Artworks

Anyone? have you thought about this? See ideas online?

I’m challenging you to recreate a favorite image/artwork* with household items. Send me an email with a photo collage of your creation if you’d like me to post it here. (please include creator of the original work and your creation, plus an information you’d like to share about the process) OH! yes! collaborate with family. Just have fun!

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Here’s mine . . .

My cat, Pixel, is obsessed with hair ties. She climbs up on my tables, counters, dressers toPixel and hair ties find hair ties and then bats them around on the kitchen and dining room floor. These end up under the refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer of course with all the other dirt and cat hair you find when cleaning under these appliances. When I was creating this photo collage she was very interested where and why I was putting these in an orderly fashion. šŸ˜‰ The hair ties when piled up reminded me of paintings by Sonja Trek Delaunay.

Hair Ties Everywhere
Hair Ties Everywhere

*image/artwork – I’m open to all kinds of ideas. Just keep it family/school appropriate and have fun, examples -photos (any subject: animals, vehicles, landscapes, plants, food), famous art work, artist in your favorite books